5 Ways Pedicure Chairs Impact Your Business



Pedicure chairs are an integral part of any spa or salon. However, people do not always make the right decision when it comes to them. Cost saving initiatives often drive the decision of investing in pedicure chairs. But it is very crucial to have good quality of pedicure chairs for your business.

Why Invest In New Pedicure Chairs

  1. Happy & Satisfied Customers

The expectations from the spa and wellness industry is huge today. Most customers who opt for spa or salon services do so with certain preconceived notions. They are expecting to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after spending some time at your beauty establishment.

A good pedicure chair can make them feel comfortable while you work your magic on them. If your chairs are uncomfortable for the customers it will impact their experience and unhappy customers do not return to the same spa or salon next time.

  1. Gets You New Customers

The thing with spas and salons is that the customers form an impression about your service by looking at the physical attributes of your establishment and this includes your spa chairs. If chair looks good then they assume the service will be good. If the chair does not look good then no matter how good your service is, they might just walk away.

So, a good looking spa chair will help you attract more customers and get you new business.


  1. Avoids Legal Problems

A bad pedicure chair design can give muscle problems to your customers. If this discomfort aggravates an already existing medical condition then the customers would not hesitate to sue your business and claim damages.

However, if the pedicure chair is upgraded and has the ideal design, then it can help relieve the patients of such discomforts and get them to relax.

  1. Warranty

The new pedicure chairs, just like any other product, come with warranties. If you feel that you have not got what you have paid for, then you can put up a warranty claim and get the chair company to take care of it. However, this is possible only when the pedicure chair is new.

If your chair is not new or is very old then you may not get any part replacements on them. This means you have to dig deep into your pockets and pay for the repairs.

  1. Durability & Service

As a spa owner, you should be focused on getting the maximum out of the investments that you make. New pedicure chairs, especially the ones manufactured in the US, are quite durable. This means you get your investment to last longer for you and you don’t need to spend again.

The new chairs also come with a promise of customer service. You can just reach out to their customer centre and get your spa chairs serviced.


New pedicure chairs can really make a huge difference in the success of your business. So, invest wisely into a new set of pedicure chairs for your business.

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