Essential Rules for Picking out Running Clothes that Prevent chafing for plus Size Divas


All Plus size fashionistas feel a serious lack of variety when it comes to buying running clothes that help them avoid chafing. We’ve some incredibly helpful advice that can help you avoid chafing and look good in your urban plus size clothing.

Breathable Clothes & Thin Layers

When we run, our body temperatures rise andgenerate heat and sweat. A heavier person is twice as likely to sweat more than a thin person. So, if you’re wearing urban plus size clothing that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, or prevent the skin from cooling off in any way, they trap both, heat and moisture against your skin instead of releasing them.

When excessive heat and moisture remains trapped against your skin, it causes chaffing, rough fabrics; heavy layers of clothing and sweaty socks-all the culprits of sweat-trapping and chaffing. Plus size women tend to experience severe chaffing because they have more skin.

So, when you dress up for a long and exhausting run, pick out the thinnest layers you can possibly own. Even if its winter, wear very thin and breathable layer that doesn’t cause your body to heat up. It’s best to pick out the gentle wicking fabrics, which will help your skin stay cool and calm. Cotton, on the other hand, is a bad option because it tends to get wet and dries off very slowly.


Technical Fabrics

Aside from body glides, sweat repellents and fitted clothing, you need to look into several running top varieties made with fine quality technical fabrics. You need to pick out wicking fabrics, and urban plus size clothing labels that say DriFit or moisture management. Similarly, find bottoms with a generously stretchable material and very little cotton. Tights are always a great choice for women, but if you don’t prefer them for running, don’t force yourself to wear them.

Motion Control Bra

Unless you’re auditioning for a re-run of Baywatch, I strongly recommend you to invest in a good quality motion control plus size bra. If you’re luscious plus-size women, chances are you boost a C cup or probably more. Honey, you need to strap down your beauty assets and provide them motion control support so they don’t jiggle too much and cause discomfort while you run. It will not only enhance the stability and comfort, but also minimize the looks you get from nearby strangers. So, pick out a wide motion control bra with cushioned straps and stability. I recommend you to try Enell Sport for a delightful variety.


Compression Tights

With your beauty assets under control, it’s time to turn the attention towards wobbly thighs. In order to enhance your comfort, and get a little extra support to enjoy a good run, invest in a good pair of compression tights from Plus Size brands like Target, and Old Navy.

A Fit that Really Fits

Don’t go for the baggy, loose and oversized clothing to cover up your curves as you can hardly fool the onlookers about your size. So, it’s a smart choice to pick out tight-fitted and body hugging plus size clothing and sexy running attire that highlights your curves and ignites your confidence.

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