Latest Men’s Rings Trends: Bold Statement Meets Durability & Contrasting Effects


Traditionally, matching wedding ring style and design has had been the concept for both the bride and groom’s rings. There has been a change in the trend as more and more grooms now prefer wearing a ring that is suited more to their lifestyle. Whether your work involves sitting behind a desk or working in construction, you should choose different styles and materials for your ring. Platinum, titanium and even tungsten are the recommended choice if durability is what you prefer. Gemstones and decorative details are no longer the standard in mens rings brisbane designs. It’s more about elegance meeting durability and ergonomics. Here are 3 trends in men’s rings that have gained more and more popularity in recent times.

1. Contrasting Stones & Metal

More men still prefer to wear plain yellow or white gold jewellery, but there is a new trend to wear contrasting stones and metals. This helps men make a bold statement. Some of the new concepts in this regard are as following:

  • Many men are now wearing black gold and contrast it with coloured stones like emeralds, sapphires and blue diamonds
  • White gold is being contrasted with black diamonds
  • Those who are more budget conscious are replacing white gold and platinum with silver

2. More Durable Metals

Titanium not only offers extreme durability, it is also light weight. More men are choosing this silver-toned metal, not just for its physical strength but also because it is available in a wide range of tones including:

  • Gold
  • Black
  • Copper
  • Rainbow patina

The metal can also give a rainbow patina under special treatment, thus ‘shifting’ its colour. Titanium is durable, extremely difficult to dent or scratch, has high resistance to corrosion, and is hypoallergenic.

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Tungsten has a silver tone and stands out for its exceptional hardness. It is even denser than titanium and many men now wear it for its durability and weight. Interestingly, mens rings brisbane can be designed in tungsten in any colour. This is because tungsten carbide exists in powder form which is cemented with other metals to create jewellery pieces. Cobalt chrome is a relatively new development and is cherished for its platinum-like appearance. It offers extremely high scratch-resistance and is harder than platinum without being as expensive.

3. Following Hobbies or Themes

Many men now like to wear hobby-based or theme-based rings. For example, sailing is a profession or hobby and some of the design trends in jewellery pieces developed around it include anchor charms. These trends are seen in non-wedding based rings. Others are choosing more unique styles and designs based on their preferred themes.

These are some of the most popular trends in men’s rings in recent times. More and more men want to wear something that is unique and different from the conventional. There is a growing emphasis on jewellery pieces which are more practical and longer-lasting. It is no longer about matching, it is also about contrasting and in doing so the effects can be striking. So if you want to look different and want something more practical, make sure to consider the above-mentioned trends.

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