Once Pajama, today’s Onesies for men are a fashion trend


Pajamas had been used for a very long time by men and had a special significance in the wardrobe as they were very comfortable and could be used in different situations, like in home or in a gathering of friends. They provided a more casual look along with the comfort and men used to prefer pajamas during summers as well because they were loose as compared to the denim or cotton pants but in the 2000s the pajamas were replaced by a new type of clothing known as onesies. Onesies for men became very popular in the recent past and were used instead of pajamas. However, pajamas are still used by some people and haven’t become totally extinct.


Onesies for men Is just like the men overalls and it stitched on the same pattern. This too is a complete body suit which can also be referred as a jumpsuit. In the beginning, they were mostly considered as a sleepwear or a lounge wear but in the recent past onesies for men has gained its reputation as a popular street wear and has become very famous among teenagers and even adults. Onesies were also referred to the suit of infants as we see many newborns wearing these types of the suit in order to provide protection to the body. This was then adapted by the adults as well and within no time they gained the reputation of a must have to clothe.


The onesies look like an evolution of men overalls and this is because it is made from the same pattern and has the same concept but the main difference is that these are a bit more casual and comfortable as compared to overalls and are stitched a bit loose than the general size. They often come with a hoodie as well in order to provide a more interesting and cool look to your jumpsuit. They can also be called as bodysuits because they cover the whole body.


An entrepreneur Steve Pandi introduced the onesie. He was also a musician and he used to wear this onesie along with his rock band during the shows. This is how the onesies for men got popularity and also began to appear on a television show named as Pajama Party. Soon many people were seen wearing these jumpsuits in the streets of the United States and Europe. Checkout the trendy mens clothing online store, Differio, they have a big collection of onesies for men.

In contrary to the denim overalls, the onesies can be worn in a colder weather as it normally has full sleeves and has a zipper that covers the body till the neck, unlike the overalls, which have only bibs and straps. People mostly wear them during the night and consider them very helpful for a good night sleep. Along with the man, these jumpsuits are also very popular among the women as they can cover their whole body and can be very comfortable. The onesies also come in different printed designs that make it more cool and worth looking.

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