Types And Styles Of Citizen Watches

Once upon a time, watchmakers sat around the table and thought to add something more to their designs. Okay, watches tell time, and that is their primary feature, but what about adding other things that are important for specific professions?

That is when they decided to “complicate” wristwatches more by adding extra features such as displaying date, or moon phases. These extras that you’ll get within the wristwatch people call “complications.”

You can find various Citizen watch deals online so that you can enjoy all the way. But before that, it is crucial to understand that watches could bring you more than just time.

Besides moon phases or calendars, the most common complications are power reserve indicators, alarms, repeaters, and chronograph.

What Is Chronograph?

It is an independent and separate time system that serves as a stopwatch. Most chronographs contain three small dials, experts call it sub-registers, that you will find within the main dial of the watch. It comes with two buttons on the case; the top button starts and stops chronograph, while other resets it.

Some watches, apart from the chronograph, feature tachymeter, which is a scale that you will find around the rim of a watch. You can use them together to calculate things such as traveled distance, speed, or fuel consumption if you’re pilot.

The number of complications depends on the preferences, but watchmakers created different types of watches based on the professions.

Styles And Types Of Wristwatches

You can find numerous functional wristwatches from smart ones to rubber ones. They depend on the type of sport you’re in as well as other tactical digital watches with multiple features. The idea is to fit watch with an outfit you wear.

Of course, some watches exist due to their functionality for different jobs and assignments. You will find various watch types available on the market:

  1. Dress Watch

It dates back in the 20th century for wealthy gentlemen and people who wanted to wear a timepiece on the wrist, and not in the pocket. A dress watch is vital due to its sophistication and status symbol. It features a sleek design, and it is not fleshy as other types on the market.

You won’t draw attention on yourself, but you will get a subtle perspective of classiness. That will increase the number of compliments that you’ll get along the way.

  • Size – In most cases, it is thin so that you can slip it in and out of the dress shirt
  • Case – It can be rectangular, circular or square. If you want to choose a high-end model, in most cases it will come with a precious metal such as silver or gold.
  • Face – It includes dial displays that will provide you hour indexes as well as small Arabic numerals and cyber-style indexes.
  • Band – Most of them include leather, while some companies offer both metal and leather options based on your preferences. However, we recommend you to use leather watches for the dress because it is the classic way to appear.
  • Complications – In most cases, you will see only time, date and moon display in some high-end models.

When To Wear – It is logical according to name that it is more for formal occasions like a tuxedo or a business suit. However, it won’t pair well with jeans and t-shirt. Find out more on how to wear dress watch by checking here.

  1. Field Watch

The field watch appeared first as WWI Trench Watch, which was mostly for officers that needed to coordinate attacks, and tell time at night, and use it during the battle.

They will still provide you with the fantastic look when compared with ordinary watches on the market. Even today, field watches are popular among military people and will give you military-esque vibe due to its functionality.

  • Size – It comes in small to medium size, while large watches are not convenient for battles.
  • Face – Easy to read, functional numerical indexes, you will notice black numbering and white dial or black dial with white numbering. The idea is to provide you with illumination so that you can check the time at night.
  • Case – Stainless steel or titanium case will increase the durability so that you can use it for years. Some of them include a feature known as “hacking seconds” where you can stop the second hand by pulling the crown. That way, officers can set it as a reference signal.
  • Band – Canvas strap or leather, because metal can easily scratch and it is too heavy.
  • Complications – Nothing expect time and date.

When To Wear – They are versatile so you can comfortably wear them with any clothing style. It is for casual, or business casual, and it fits with t-shirt and jeans, and sports coats. It is perfect for young people who don’t dress elegant too often because it includes a rugged style that will match your lifestyle and personality.

  1. Diving Watch

Similar to field watch, this is one of the most common types when it comes to men sporting. We all know James Bond and that he wore it in early films. A dive watch is perfect for individuals who will spend plenty of time near or in water. The main advantage is that it is completely waterproof and resistant. It became popular since the 1930s because it included a sealed case.

Apart from its functionality, it is aesthetically appealing and useful if you enjoy diving or spending time in the water. It looks similar to other timepieces, while the first one was Rolex Submariner that created a design breakthrough.

The first and most important thing is that you will be able to use it up to 100 meters at least. Due to water resistance, they come from corrosion-resistant materials such as titanium or stainless steel, but you can find silicone and rubber choices for the cheaper price tag.

  • Size – Dive watches come in medium sizes which are compatible for most adults.
  • Face – Simple to read, bold, Arabic numbering, while hash marks often replace 12-hour numerals. For deepwater protection, you can find hardened mineral glass or sapphire watch faces.
  • Case – Dive watches feature uni-directional bezel that will rotate counter-clockwise only. It will allow you to know the time just by a glance. When you enter the water, you should set it to zero and line it up with the minute hand. Afterward, you will notice that minute hand will point how long you’ve been in the depths.
  • Band – They come in usually metal bands that will fit around dive equipment.
  • Complications – You will get only time and date.

When To Wear – Even though dive watches are convenient for underwater use, it is a versatile solution that you can wear for everyday activities. It matches with casual wear, sportswear, business casual wear and formal wear too.

For more information on diving watches, you can visit this website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diving_watch

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