What Are The Different Types Of Strollers Available?


A new born child is very small, so it is easy to carry them around but they do tend to grow very fast and you might soon feel tired if you need to carry them around for a long time. At that point a stroller will become a necessity. There are many different types of strollers so it might become hard to pick up one that suits you. Here is a brief overview of the types of strollers available.

  1. Umbrella stroller

This is the most basic type of stroller. It is light weight, easy to manage and inexpensive. It has got no special modifications and it takes very little space as compared to other types of strollers.

  1. Car seat stroller

This type of stroller uses the car seat as the base of the stroller. It allows a baby to move in and out of the car without being removed from the car seat. This type of stroller has a specially designed safety belt used when the baby is in the stroller so that it can protect the baby from injuries when emergency brakes are applied during driving.

  1. Standard stroller

This is a mid weight stroller with an excellent balance of all-purpose features. It is more expensive than the umbrella stroller.

  1. Jogging stroller

This type of stroller was originally designed for jogging (running) parents. It is one of the best choices for outdoor use such as bike paths, trails and running. It has got special modifications such as pressure gauge shock absorber, specially designed wheel that is tough and won’t experience wear and tear too much, it also comes with a fully functional braking system.


  1. Double-tandem stroller

This type of stroller is designed to accommodate 2 children at the same time, but of different age brackets where one is much younger than the other. The outstanding feature here is the staircase arrangements of child seats. A small seat is attached on an ordinary sized seat to accommodate a younger child.

  1. Double or triple side by side stroller

This is specially designed for parents of twins or triplets. They are specifically designed to be side-by-side, there is a big flaw in the design though; because of it size it can be rather cumbersome, which makes pushing them around tight corners a nightmare.

Also, do not forget to read baby stroller reviews from other parents that will help you make a perfect choice before purchasing one.

After you have purchased the baby stroller, you also need to maintain it so that it can last for long and serve the purpose for which it was intended effectively. In order to do this the following maintenance tips will help you quite a bit:

  1. All the moving parts of the stroller should be frequently lubricated, preferably with silicone spray. The parts to be lubricated may include the bearings, axles and moving brakes.
  2. Avoid exposing the stroller to direct sunlight as this would cause the colors of the stroller to fade away thus reducing its aesthetic value.
  3. The place of store of the stroller is equally important. The stroller needs to be kept away from high humidity. This is because the metals and plastics would degrade faster and the fabrics might build up mold after days of exposure of excessive water content to the atmosphere.

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